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Helping former employees to navigate through career transition is far more complicated today then it was just a few years ago. The Internet, although it has made it easier for employers and employees to find each other, has made the selection process much more competitive than ever before. Understanding how to conduct a job search the right way can eliminate almost 25% of the search time required and in the process, greatly enhances an individual’s chance of landing a job that is exactly right for them.

Our CareerMap programs have been designed to be practical, easily absorbed, and capable of being personalized to fit the participants emotional and re-employment criteria.  Programs are available in several configurations to fit any corporate budget or timetable and are delivered in a combination of individual coaching, at-home study, “anytime” telephone and email advisor access or, in combination with on-site workshops and one-on-one clinics.

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Our JobSearch career training and transition program has been in use by major retailers, financial institutions, tech firms and manufacturers for nearly ten years, and has helped literally thousands of people who have lost their jobs or wanted to change careers find better, higher paying positions and achieve a level of job satisfaction they never experienced before.

Extremely affordable, this program package can be self-administered or optionally, upgraded to include individual or group coaching and is complete with everything that a job candidate needs to be successful in his or her job search.

CareerMap / 500

A comprehensive 85-page workbook loaded with writing templates and clear instruction. Includes a Talking Book file, practice Interview & Coaching Video files allowing the job seeker to review the coaching session and hone their interview skills at home on their own. The perfect solution when assisting CLERICAL, TECHNICAL or JUNIOR SUPPORT personnel or where budget restraints exist.

Alternative Delivery Options:

  1. Available as a standalone, independent training manual

  2. Supplemented with up to 2 hours of individual Counselor coaching including a professionally written resume.

  3. Workshop or Group delivery program

  4. Optional Resume Builder / Retirement supplements

...or can be custom designed to suit your exact needs and budget.

CareerMap / 1000

An easy to read, easy to follow 85-page workbook loaded with writing templates and easy to follow instruction. Includes a Talking Book file, practice Interview & Coaching Video files allow the job seeker to review the coaching session and hone their interview skills on their own. A limited but effective coaching package, the CareerMap / 1000 is the ideal solution when assisting LONG TERM, MATURE employees to relocate.

Each Program includes:

  1. CareerMap working materials and Resume Builder supplements to help them to quickly identify and categorize their marketable skills.

  2. A professionally written resume and cover letter.

  3. Practice Interview and Coaching Video files.

  4. Up to 4 hours of individual Customized “personal” career instruction for 60 days after program start.

... and much more to help them find the job they a looking for.

CareerMap / 2000

Designed specifically for EXECUTIVES, MIDDLE MANAGEMENT and SENIOR staff, the CareerMap / 2000 provides a comprehensive outplacement program featuring an extensive array of reference resources to help those seeking a career and not just another job, to re-employ quickly and effectively.

This program features no-time limit and as much one-on-one personal coaching as required to ensure that the participant finds the best re-employment position for them and their personal circumstances. This program includes a full set of  Interview & Coaching AUDIO / Video files, the Talking Book and comprehensive Reference files.

Suggested Delivery Options:

• Coaching content can be modified to suit all levels of management personnel.

  1. Can be supplemented with additional options to suit the particular needs of the candidate such as:

   Self-Employment and Retirement Transition coaching.

...both on-site and pre-termination assistance is included.

Consultant delivered programs are available in both English and French language versions