Outplacement has changed significantly since its conception over 70 years ago.


It’s hard to believe that its over 70 years since the introduction of Outplacement in the United States after World War II, and more surprising that many of our competitors’ programs and delivery look very much as they did when returning GI’s were being helped to re-enter the workplace.

Today's displaced professional is likely to have a home computer with Internet access. They no longer want or

need an outplacement firm to provide them with work space and access to office equipment. Rather than supporting costly real estate and administrative staff, we focus on providing the displaced worker with what they really need – one-on-one time with a trained Career Transition Consultant, an effective resume written by a professional, a cover letter to highlight their strengths, and personalized coaching on how to effectively deliver a compelling interview and win out over the competition.

Technology. Communication. Accessibility.

CareerMap Outplacement materials and one-on-one personalized coaching

    provides everything needed to find a

       great new job EASILY and FAST!

We're a small, personal firm with an International Network of industry-based consultants that cares what happens to people when they lose their job, and that's just one of the things that makes us different. With a central administration group located at our Toronto Head Office, we are poised and ready to process professionally written resumes, cover letters and other required job search correspondence, and return them to clients usually within the first 48 hours of job loss.

Our re-employment programs contain less theory

than most, with more practical direction and training provided

in person by industry specialists. We go well beyond Job Search and employ simple to understand, adult learning techniques that include: easy to read instruction, a Talking Book audio and video coaching files, face-to-face personalized communication as well as 7-day telephone accessibility, video conference, email correspondence, and quick reaction time to provide any content customization needed to help our clients turn interviews into job offers.

Our international client list includes many Fortune 500 employers.

Quality programs don’t have to cost a lot.

You can put more effort into your content, delivery and coaching when you are not focusing your resources on the provision of client offices that are rarely used. Comprehensive re-employment programs can be designed to suit any budget and need.

CareerMap is an excellent choice either as your primary provider or as a supplement to your EAP.

In use with hundreds of companies for over a decade.

We have been successfully providing Outplacement services to over 225 of Canada’s leading firms from coast-to-coast since 2000. Our client list includes the nation’s largest banks, insurance companies, software technology firms, retailers, manufacturers, foodservice and healthcare institutions. In fact, we are the chosen provider for more Fortune 500 Companies from almost every industry sector than most Outplacement firms much larger than ourselves.