How we measure up against traditional Outplacement programs.


Most service providers will attempt to convince you in their promotional materials that they are “different” from everyone else in their industry. Differentiating your products or services from other vendors is an excellent strategy and is good marketing. Most of their uniqueness however, comes at a price. In outplacement, a low cost is often indicative of a dilution of service or reduction in program length to compensate for a shrunken profit margin. An “Internet delivery” program is usually a metaphor meaning that the clients are left on their own with no support given to personal motivation, individual learning capabilities or content customization.

CareerMap program content is delivered “live”, one-on-one. From the responses and questions that are returned, the counselor can instantly shift gears to address the issues that may be impeding the client’s progress. There is truly no better way to enrich a learning experience than to communicate a workable solution as an immediate response to an individual’s specific problem or set of circumstances.

By comparison, classroom (or group) learning practices whether they are delivered in place or on the Internet are rigid and often don’t address the individual’s real issues that can include: marital and family stress, personal anxiety disorders, financial pressures, or just plain panic and confusion.

Everyone learns differently. CareerMap materials are provided in a combination of hard copy and USB file format and designed so that the reader is not overwhelmed by a massive binder full of information.

Materials are used as coaching support and for reference and do not require comprehensive reading to be absorbed.

During the many coaching sessions held with the client, various documents, page and paragraph references are emphasized and thoroughly discussed with the candidate as applicable. Additional resources are provided on hard copy print and USB file format for the applicant to access at his or her own pace.

Jobs are won or lost at the interview and often it is the candidate who interviews best is the one offered the position, not necessarily the person who is the most qualified. The problem is that most candidates usually never get “good” at interviewing simply because they do it so infrequently throughout their lives.

We have mounted some excellent audio & video content on USB files and have included them in every program package. The candidate can watch, interact, and repeat any segment they find of interest until they are able to visualize themselves successfully managing the interview process.

Everyone is different -

  1. Bullet  Their personal motivation is different

  2. Bullet  Their priorities are different

  3. Bullet  Their financial requirements are different

  4. Bullet  Their career goals are different

  5. Bullet  Their emotional resiliency is different

A “one-size-fits-all” classroom based environment or rigid Internet delivery Outplacement program simply cannot accommodate all of these personal issues.

This and much more is provided at a lower cost than what is often charged for most of the traditional programs offered by other Outplacement firms. CareerMap is so successful because it is goal oriented and directs its full energy into helping the candidate to succeed.